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Ultraviolins: UV by Khavn
SKU: 9110002x
Introduction by Jun Cruz Reyes. Cover Design by Norman Wilwayco. "The first postmodern book of stories in Filipino."- Jun Cruz Reyes More Details ...
Price: P300.00

Product Details:
Format: Trade paperback. Signed by the author.

Condition: Brand New

Size: 6.0"x9.0"

Pages: 216pp, 2008 edition, The University of the Philippines Press
Fiction / Kwento
Bilingual Edition
Excerpt from the introduction by Jun Cruz Reyes:
Are you looking for a story you've already read? This isn't it. Are you looking for a love story about some poor/rich girl with melancholic eyes, skin like porcelain, legs so white they practically gleam, who falls in love with a tall dark and handsome rich/poor guy? And poor is really rich and evil relatives either die or repent from the sin of going against true love? This isn't it either. This also isn't about the valor and triumph over adversity of the downtrodden. This is also isn't about urban legends. This also isn't about the gay life. This also definitely isn't Bob Ong.
What is it, then? A compendium of stories. Story here being used loosely to imply a form that looks suspiciously like one, because what it says it says in a way that's storylike. But the forms shape-shift wildly without relaxing into anything resembling a conventional story form. Poems that look like prose, but don't consider prose poetry as its forebear. Synopsized movie scripts leeched of film language so it's easier to read. Flash fiction for being miniscule, or even creative nonfiction for looking like a confessional essay. Blog entry, term paper. This is the new shape of narrative, the postmodern story, as they say.
How do you read it now? This is the first book of fiction by Khavn De La Cruz. Khavn you know more from his independent films, for kickstarting the digital revolution in the Philippines. His works - postmodern, avant, experimental- are seen more in other countries than in his own. Khavn is also a poet. He also leads the mock-rock band The Brockas. He'd also like you to know that he's also a storyteller. A postmodern storyteller, if you will....
Translated to English from the original Filipino by
Cyan Abad-Jugo Noel Del Prado Mayo Uno Martin
Pearlsha Abubakar Karl R. De Mesa Zosimo Quibilan Jr.
Dean Francis Alfar Carljoe Javier Erwin Romulo
Juaniyo Arcellana Francezca Kwe Daryl A. Valenzuela
Daryll Jane Delgado

Angelo R. Lacuesta

Refreshingly original, irreverent, even kinky - a spicy read on any humdrum day.
- F. Sionil Jose
National Artist for Literature
These works defy easy categorization, which is perhaps the source of their power and appeal. Here, for example, I remember Italo Calvino at his playful best; there I hear Richard Brautigan. The dark humor is bracing, and Ultraviolins reminds us that there is and should be more than one way to see and present the reality of these crazy islands.
- Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr.
Khavn insists on art that defies easy sentiment, that rejects a greeting card heaven for field trip sin purgatory, that brings to earth, as it were, "not peace but a sword."
- Charlson Ong
Remove all the consciousness you learned for reading stories and poems from elementary to college. Accept that the author in front of you is consciously being insane so you don't have to go looking for anything as boring as sanity. Khavn is Khavn, poet, musician, filmmaker, special, unique, original.
- Bienvenido Lumbera
National Artist for Literature
About the Author
Khavn De La Cruz has won for his poetry and fiction in the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards, where he has also served in the jury. He has been selected twice in the UP National Writers Workshop as a Writing Fellow. He has received the Dean's Award for Literature from the Ateneo De Manila University, his alma mater, where he also has lectured. Khavn De La Cruz is also an acclaimed filmmaker and composer.
With his independent film company Filmless Films, he has produced ten digital features and more than forty short films, several of which have won prizes in the Philippines, Tokyo, Spain and Italy.  Khavn has served as a juror in the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France) and Jeonju International Film Festival (Korea). He has been invited twice to the Berlinale Talent Campus, and has received the Hubert Bals Fund grant thrice.  Some of  his films were featured at the Paris Cinema International Film Festival (France), Osian's Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema (India), Motovun Film Festival (Croatia) & Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina)