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Science, Math, General Knowledge

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Science, Math, General Knowledge
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Price P200.00
A lively and completely comprehensive view of science and technology from the Discovery of Fire to the Advent of the Electronic Age.
Price P450.00
Where the science of black holes, gravitational waves, and time travel will likely lead us, as reported by spacetime's most important theoreticians and observers.
Price P400.00
Parts I-IV. General Survey. Historical and Biographical. Arithmetic, Numbers and the Art of Counting. Mathematics of Space and Motion.
Price P350.00
Being a set of stories, together with a group of oddments and diversions, all drawn from the universe of mathematics. Compiled and edited by Clifton Fadiman.
Price P330.00
Why the evidence of evolution reveals a universe without design. With a new introduction. Richard Dawkins's classic remains the definitive argument for our modern understanding of evolution.
Price P400.00
Parts XVIII-XXVI. The Mathematician. Mathematical Machines: Can a Machine Think? Mathematics in Warfare. A Mathematical Theory of Art. Mathematics of the Good. Mathematics in Literature. Mathematics and Music. Mathematics as a Culture Clue. Amusements, Puzzles, Fancies.
Price P150.00
From the pages of Scientific American comes the latest information and explorations into the world of radical technology.
Price P350.00
List Price: P1,200.00
You Save: P850.00 (71%)
Hardbound. The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium, by Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger. Welcome to the Year 1000. This is what life was like...
Price P1,000.00
List Price: P1,850.00
You Save: P850.00 (46%)
In this hugely ambitious and stimulating book, Peter Watson describes the history of ideas, from deep antiquity to the present day, leading to a new way of understanding our world and ourselves.
Price P350.00
List Price: P650.00
You Save: P300.00 (46%)
and no one else does either. By James Trefil.
Price P250.00
Graphic / Comic Book format. Stephen Hawking is a world-famous physicist, but few people outside his field know what he has done. To the public he is a figure of tragic dimensions - a brilliant scientist and author of the phenomenal bestseller, A Brief History of Time, and yet confined to a wheelchair, unable to speak or write.
Price P180.00
List Price: P550.00
You Save: P370.00 (67%)
By Marc Abrahams. The Nobel Prize recognizes the world's most talented and innovative minds. Unfortunately, not all of the hopeful thinkers and academics around the globe can become Nobel laureates, but some are lucky enough to win an Ig Nobel Prize instead.
Price P350.00
List Price: P800.00
You Save: P450.00 (56%)
With vivid and humorous examples, Conquering Statistics opens the world of statistics to the average reader as well as the student and offers an invaluable look at the science behind the statistics.
Price P200.00
List Price: P650.00
You Save: P450.00 (69%)
Why Do Donuts Have Holes: Fascinating Facts About What We Eat and Drink by Don Voorhees.
Price P350.00
List Price: P720.00
You Save: P370.00 (51%)
Adventures of a Curious Character. by Richard P. Feynman. The outrageous exploits of the world's most outspoken Nobel prize-winning scientist.
Price P400.00
The Meaning of It All: Thoughts of a Citizen Scientist. Essays, letters, speeches by Richard Feynman.
Price P250.00
List Price: P620.00
You Save: P370.00 (60%)
Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything by James Gleick. "Fascinating and disturbing, amusing and informative, Faster is an eclectic stew combining history, academic research, and anecdotes drawn from the popular media."- The Boston Globe
Price P200.00
The New Science Journalists: The Future of our Planet, our Species, and our psyches, from the most renowned literary science journalists working today.
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