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History, War

History, War
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Price PHP180.00
A third of the world is at war... 30 million people in Africa are HIV positive... More than 150 countries use torture... cars kill 2 people every minute...
Price PHP250.00
From beer to Coca-Cola, the six drinks that have helped shape human history.
Price PHP180.00
The true account of a daring rescue that inspired the film ARGO, winner of the 2012 Academy Award for Best Picture.
Price PHP250.00
How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture
Price PHP300.00
This bold and thought-provoking work will find a welcome audience among scholars of colonial American history, economic, social, and legal history, and women's studies.
Price PHP200.00
Dirty Little Secrets of World War II: Military Information No One Told You About the Greatest, Most Terrible War in History. Exposes the dark, irreverent, misunderstood, and often tragicomic aspects of military operations during World War II, many of them virtually unknown even to military buffs.
Price PHP250.00
Bach meets Frederick the Great in the Age of Enlightenment.
Price PHP500.00
List Price: PHP850.00
You Save: PHP350.00 (41%)
Hardbound. "One of the world's best books" - Neil Gaiman. First published in 1841, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds is often cited as the best book ever written about market psychology. This edition includes Charles Mackay's account of the three infamous financial manias - John Law’s Mississipi Scheme, the South Sea Bubble, and Tulipomania.
Price PHP400.00
500 Years of Western Cultural Life. A master historian weaves 500 years of Western culture into one seamless and inspiring saga.
Price PHP600.00
In furniture, upholstery and other details. With over 100 illustrations, including 4 in color and a new introduction by John Gloag, F.S.A. Unabridged republication of the fourth (1878) edition.
Price PHP150.00
Taken from the originals covering last century's greatest stories. Excellent companion to your personal library.
Price PHP250.00
How Did It Begin? is an entertaining look at why we do and say the things we do.
Price PHP250.00
What characterizes our era? Cults, quacks, gurus, irrational panics, moral confusion and an epidemic of mumbo-jumbo, that's what.
Price PHP330.00
List Price: PHP500.00
You Save: PHP170.00 (34%)
This zany documentary comic strip is the perfect introduction to Lenin's writings and a wonderful take-off point for anybody who wants to plunge into the tumultuous history of the Russian Revolution.
Price PHP250.00
An investigation of global attitudes and beliefs, from the ancient East to Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Hippies, CND and world wide dissedence. Peace for Beginners is instructive, stimulating, essential- precisely timed now that 'peace parties' everywhere are having political impact.
Price PHP150.00
An unlikely world history from the bestselling author of Cod and The Basque History of the World.
Price PHP100.00
In the fast-paced, suspenseful Secret Weapons of World War II, noted military historian William Breuer chronicles the clandestine battle that occurred between the brilliant scientists and codebreakers of the Allies and the Axis powers.
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